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The Switchgears (Disconnectors), which are one of the indispensable elements of energy distribution, are switching devices used for on-off operation in the MV and HV systems, while the circuit is unloaded and form a clearance visible in the open position.

The disconnector separates the sections to ensure that maintenance and control work is carried out safely. It is also used for preparing and connecting the systems with more than one main busbar to the on-off maneuvers.

The requirements of spec. by TEDAŞ MLZ / 2017-061 MV silicone insulator technical specifications are taken into consideration in the manufacture of post and rod insulators used in our external type fused and fused grounded disconnectors.

The use of polymer material in the manufacture of insulators used in disconnectors can reduce energy loss and system assembly and handling and also reduce the risk of capillary fracture.

• 36kV insulated gloves and insulated stools should be used when on-off the disconnectors.
• Make sure that the disconnectors are not under load.
• If the fuse is insulated, the wire should not be connected, it must be replaced with a new one.
• Disconnectors should be installed at the place of the on / off mechanism.
• Disconnectors a rope pulled upwards must be lifted to the installation area with the aid of a trifora or crane. Attention to avoid damage on disconnector during the process.